Developments in medical informatics and technology are progressing at great speed. New technology is in widespread use for the support of patient medical diagnosis and treatment, the assessment of the quality of care, and the enhancement of decision making, management, planning, and medical research.

Medical informatics and technology has both an applied and a theoretical dimension. Theses two aspects of the discipline have expanded dramatically during the last three decades and will continue to do so in the years to come.
We are witnessing a radical change as technologies have been integrated into systems that address the core of medicine, including patient care in ambulatory and in-patient setting, disease prevention, health promotion, rehabilitation and home care.

Industry plays a vital role in converting concepts to actual products, engineered and manufactured to facilitate the practice of new technology and to provide safe and reliable performance in the clinical setting.

As a consequence, there is a need for a broad overview of the field. Contributors from research centers and industry are welcome to present their original results at scientific sessions, posters, and exhibits.