8th International Conference
Information Technology in Biomedicine

ITiB 2020 goes remotely

After thorough considerations, the ITiB 2020 Organizing Committee decided to resign from conducting the conference in a stationary mode in Kamień Śląski. We deeply regret that we will not be able to meet you personally. However, the conference is not canceled. We are preparing tools and programs for conducting our conference remotely on June 15-16 (Monday-Tuesday).
Since many costs (accommodation, full board, special events) do not apply anymore in this mode, the conference fee is reduced to
500 zł / 120 Euro for the corresponding author in order to cover the necessary publication and organization costs. All co-authors are welcome to join the conference free. For all already registered payments, we will prepare correcting invoices and refund the overpaid fee. Missing fees should be paid until May 20, 2020.

In order to efficiently organize the conference, we kindly ask the corresponding authors to indicate the preferrable presentation mode: e-presentation or e-poster. The e-presentation takes 12' + 3' for discussion, the e-poster - 5' + 2' for discusion. For e-presentation, the author will deliver the slides using screen sharing option. E-posters (presented in the form of 4-6 slides) are to be sent before June 8, 2020 for publication on the conference website. The e-poster presentation will be performed at the e-poster session. The link to the web questionnaire to make the selection was sent to the corresponding authors via email.

Based on the questionnaires, the conference program will be announced as soon as possible.

We hope to see you soon.

ITiB 2020 Organizing Committee