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The necessary files are available here:


1. Please read the author guidelines in author_info\typeinst.pdf file.
LaTeX sources of this file are also included. The file was downloaded from

2. Additional formatting guidelines are available in 'lncs_style_documentation' directory and llncsdoc.pdf file; especially sections 2-5 are relevant.

3. Use file llncs.tex as a template for your work. This is a version of the file downloaded from, adapted for conference needs

4. Do not use national characters in affiliations. Replace them by universal macros.

For example:

\k{a} \k{e} for polish ▒, ŕ (a z ogonkiem, e z ogonkiem)
\'C \'c ... for Š˝ˇÂ╝ (c,n,o,s,z z kresk▒)
\.Z \.z for ┐ » (z z kropk▒)
\l{} \L{} for ú (l z kresk▒)

5. Include your graphics as eps or ps files and use latex (not pdflatex) for compilation. You may use e.g. the Corel Draw tools or (free) ImageMagick to convert bitmaps to eps.
Ensure that your graphics look well in greyscale. You may include colour versions for the electronic edition (add COLOR suffix to the filenames).

6. bibtex styles are provided by LNCS (bibtex directory). Use the appropriate one to generate bibliography, correct (if necessary) the contents of *.bbl file and include the generated bibliography inside the TeX file in your submission.

7. Additional packages are discouraged, but in some situations possible. Please contact us for additional info.

8. Generate pdf (e.g. using the following commands

latex paper.tex
latex paper.tex
latex paper.tex
dvipdf paper.dvi paper.pdf),

check its contents and include it in the final submission

9. Include all files and the generated pdf in file and upload it to the Conference Service System.

10. Do not forget to fill in the Copyright Form – available on the Springer website:

– (Conference Name: Information Technologies in Biomedicine, Volume Editors: Ewa Pietka), sign it (corresponding author) and send us by fax or (traditional!) mail.

11. If in trouble, please do contact us!